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Year 6 Learning Gallery

Take a look to find out what our inquisitive Year 6 children have been doing throughout the year.


 Half-Termly Curriculum Maps

Have a look at what our Year 6 will be learning about each term.


Spring Half Term 1

This half term’s Gospel Value: Generosity

This half term’s British Value: Democracy

Year 6



During this half term our focus will be:

Position and Direction - using a 4 grid quadrant, find coordinates, translating shapes

Measurement - measuring and comparing lengths and heights

Area and Perimeter - find the areas and perimeters of rectangles and rectilinear shape and all triangles

Volume - counting cubes and volume of a cuboid
 Arithmetic and Reasoning (SATs)



area, perimeter, volume, triangle, right-angled triangle, parallelogram, cuboid, length, base, perpendicular height, vertex, vertices, quadrant, grid, coordinates, translate, reflect



During this half term our focus will be:

Power of Reading: Stay Where You Are and then Leave.


Writing opportunities include:

Informal and formal letter writing, telegram writing, a diary entry, character descriptions, poetry, a recipe for a hero, debate and decision.


Grammar: Main clauses, Subordinate clauses, relative clauses. Noun phrases. Subject and object. Active and passive voice. Subjunctive verbs. Standard English and formality. Punctuation.


Comprehension: Revision of skills - reading domains:

 Words in context, retrieve and record, summarise main ideas, make inferences: justify inferences with evidence, predict, authors choices for meaning and making comparisons.




During this half term children will be learning about Light.

Children will be able to:

·         Explain how light travels.

·         Understand how mirrors reflect light and how they can help us see objects. Investigate how refraction changes the direction in which light travels

·         Investigate how a prism changes a ray of light to show the spectrum

·         Explain why shadows have the same shape as the object that casts them.

·         Identify the main parts of the human eye and purpose of each part.


Investigations: Does the distance between an object and a light source affect the size of a shadow?

What will happen if we increase the distance between an object and the light source?

Make a periscope. Make a maze of reflected light.

Vocabulary: iris, pupil, retina, optic nerve, light source, transparent translucent, opaque

Religious Education


During this half term the children will be learning about all aspects of Mass in our topic: Exploring the Mass.


They will learn about and understand the significance of:

·         The New Covenant.

·          The prayers of the Mass,

·         The significance of the different parts of mass

·         The Offertory,

·         The Consecration,

·         Holy Communion,

·         The Eucharist

·         The blessed Sacramen


Last Supper, sacrifice, bread, wine, lamb of God, altar, penitential rite, liturgy of the Word, liturgy of the Eucharist, offertory, consecration, holy communion, tabernacle, sanctuary lamp

Humanities: History


The children will be learning about Remembrance: 1914-1918.


They will learn the history behind:

·         The outbreak of war – pre-war

·         Recruitment and propaganda

·         Historians and what their sources tell us

·         War and the Empire

·         Post-war events

Vocabulary:  the language of chronology, assassination, Central Powers, Allied Powers, nationalism, bias, Neutral Nations, propaganda, enlist, recruit, patriotic, propaganda, enlist, recruit, patriotic



The children will continue to learn and develop skills playing the Ukulele.


Music played to will include: Three little birds, Stop and In the Groove.


The strands of musical learning involve: listening and appraising, singing, improvisation, composition and performing.

Vocabulary: chord, crotchet, harmony, melody, pitch, rest, rhythm, scale, structure, texture, tempo, beat, pulse..

Art and Design


The children will be learning to Draw using pencil in Art.


 They will explore:

·         Tone (shade and light) using hatching and cross hatching

·         Value - lightness and darkness in colour

·         Perspective – depth and dimensions


Learning will be linked to the Renaissance period



During this half term the children will be learning about:

 Graphic Design and E-Safety using the iLearn2 program.


In Graphic Design, children will use a range of tools

such as:

 shapes, gradient fill, copy, paste, transparency and opacity, colour picker and rotate on power point.
Children will use these skills taught to design their own app icon

Modern Foreign Language - Italian


During this half term children will be learning about:  


1.      The Epiphany (La Befana)

2.      School subjects and school actions

3.      Parts of the Body



 Posso…? Dammi… Per favore; Grazie, prego; Uso la penna per scrivere;Uso … Per leggere, uso … Per disegnare… Etc. Italiano, Matematica…
La testa, il collo, le spalle, la schiena, il torace, le braccia, il gomito, il polso, la mano, le dita, il bacino, la gamba, il ginocchio, la caviglia, il piede, gli occhi, i capelli, il naso, la bocca

Personal Social Health Education


During this half term children will be learning about

Emotional Well-Being from Ten-Ten, Life to the Full scheme.


They will continue through the Paradise Street series, to learn about the pressures that they may experience from themselves, others and the media. Children will develop ideas on how to build resilience through thankfulness, use simplified CBT techniques to manage their thoughts, feelings and actions and cope with new or difficult feelings such as rage.


Democracy will continue as our core British Value

Physical Education


During this half term children will be learning Gymnastics.

Children will develop skills taught in year 5 and will learn how to perform a variety of floor and vault exercises with increasing control and accuracy.

They will learn leaps, dive forward rolls, hurdle steps into cartwheels and rounds-offs.

Children will perform routines learned.


Find's your child's homework timetable for Spring 1 uploaded here:

Homework timetable