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Year 5 Learning Gallery

Take a look to find out what our inquisitive Year 5 children have been doing throughout the year.

 Half-Termly Curriculum Maps

Have a look at what our Year 5 will be learning about each term.


Spring Half Term 1

This half term’s Gospel Value: Generosity

This half term’s British Value: Rule of law

Year 5


During this half term the children will be learning to:

·         Multiply 2,3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 and 2 digits

·         Divide 4 digit numbers and divide with remainders

·         Multiply unit fractions, non unit fractions, mixed number by an integer, calculate a fraction, find the whole and fractions of a quantity.

·         Find equivalent fractions and decimals. Order, compare and round decimals

·         Understand percentages, percentage as fractions and decimals. Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Vocabulary:  Multiply, digit, number, division, reasoning, problem solving, integer, non-unit, fraction, decimals, percentages, mixed number, while, amount, operators, place value, equivalent, thousandths, order, compare, round.


During this half term our focus will be:

Power of Reading: Cosmic

Writing opportunities include:  Note taking, character profile, letter, email, character comparison  and persuasive writing


Grammar: passive voice, semi colons, perfect tense, prepositions of time, apostrophes and imperative verbs.

Comprehension: Revision of skills - reading domains:

 Words in context, retrieve and record, summarise main ideas, make inferences: justify inferences with evidence, predict, authors choices for meaning and making comparisons.

Vocabulary: inferences, predictions, note writing, compare, contrast, describe, character, cosmic, boy. 


During this half term children will be learning about living things and their habitats.

Children will be able to:

·         Understand what the seven life processes are.

·         Explain how mammals reproduce.

·         Investigate if animals reproduce in the same way as mammals.

·         Identify how plants reproduce.

·         Explain the life cycle of animals.

·         Identify the stages in a life cycle of a plant.

Vocabulary: mammals, life cycle, plant, animal, habitat, living things, reproduce, processes, explain, investigate, explain, food chain, living, dead, never been alive, micro habitat, survive, basic needs.

Religious Education 

During this half term the children will learn about the Epiphany mission.

Children will be able to:

·         Identify qualities of Jesus from scripture

·         Explain how we can join his mission

·         Express St John’s belief on love

·         Explain how Fr Damien’s religious beliefs influenced his behaviour

·         describe how the Beatitudes show us the way to live

·         Show an understanding of a believers’ actions as a consequence of their beliefs


Our learning will end with the following big question Why does Jesus bless the merciful?


Vocabulary: inspirational, qualities, disciple, follower, saint, leper, leprosy, neighbour, missionary.

Humanities: Geography

During this half term the children will be learning about three regions South East England, the Caribbean and Catalonia. They will be comparing the physical and human geography of these regions.

•      Physical features: land type, climate, rivers

•      Human features transport, tourism, trade, climate.

Vocabulary: South East England, comparing, physical, land type, tourism, rivers, transport, trade, climate, regions, Caribbean, Catalonia, Spain, Europe.


During This half term the children will continue to learn and develop skills playing the Ukulele.


Music played to will include: make you feel my love by Bob Dylan. The strands of musical learning involve listening and appraising, singing, improvisation, composition and performing.


Vocabulary: chord, crotchet, harmony, melody, pitch, rest, rhythm, scale, structure, texture, tempo, beat, pulse.

Art and Design

During this half term the children will be learning to ditch the dirt.


They children will be set a challenge that enables them to model and test filters as a way of making dirty water cleaner. It can also be used to explore ways of making water safe to drink.

Vocabulary: clean, water, dirt, filter, sustainable, goals, drink, investigating, sieving, equipment, removes, world.


During this half term the children will be learning about: E-book creation and E-Safety using the iLearn2 program.


In E-book creation, children will use a range of tools such as: add a page, colour, style, position, audio, hyperlinks, format text, add and position images and lock and arrange shapes. Children will use these skills taught to design their own E-book.

Vocabulary: E-book, page, colour, text, hyperlink, images, shapes, style, safety, online, personal information, sharing, permission, report, trust, respect.

Modern Foreign Language - Italian 

During this half term children will be learning

·         The Epiphany (La Befana)

·         The time and the date

·         Use of school supplies


Vocabulary: Sono le … In punto, e un quarto, e mezza, e tre quarti Sono le … Meno … Oggi è…
Uso la penna per scrivere, Uso … Per leggere, uso … Per disegnare… Etc. Lunedì, martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì, sabato, domenica Gennaio, febbraio....Inverno

Personal Social Health Education

During this half term children will be learning about

Emotional Well-Being from Ten Ten, Life to the Full scheme.


They will continue through the Paradise Street series, to learn about the pressures that they may experience from themselves, others, and the media. Children will develop ideas on how to build resilience through thankfulness, use simplified CBT techniques to manage their thoughts, feelings and actions and cope with new or difficult feelings such as rage.
Vocabulary: emotional, wellbeing, pressures, experiences, difficult, feeling, thankfulness, romance, rage, online, media.

Physical Education 

During this half term children will be learning Dance and Fitness.

The children will be develop skills taught in year 4 and choreograph dances by using, adapting and developing actions and steps from different dance styles. In fitness the children will demonstrate improved body posture and speed when changing direction.

Vocabulary: Formation, timing, expression, performance, canon, posture, levels, actions, relationship, unison


Find your child's homework uploaded here each week.

Homework Timetable Spring 1

Grammar 06.02.23

Maths 02.02.23

Grammar 30.02.23

Maths 26.01.23

Grammar 23.01.23

Maths 19.01.23

Grammar 16.01.23

Maths 12.01.23

Grammar 09.01.23

Maths 05.01.23


Spelling 06.02.23

Spelling 30.01.23

Spelling 23.01.23

Spelling 09.01.23

Spelling 16.01.23