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Year 2 Learning Gallery

Take a look to find out what our inquisitive Year 2 children have been doing throughout the year.

5/1/23 Burning of the Tudor Houses for the Great Fire of London:




 Half-Termly Curriculum Maps

Have a look at what our Year 2 will be learning about each term.


Spring Half Term 1

This half term’s Gospel Value: Generosity

This half term’s British Value: 

Mutual Respect

Year 2



During this half term the children will be learning: multiplication and division, time (o'clock, quarter to and quarter past) and fractions (half and quarters).


Vocabulary: division, multiplication, sharing, o’clock, quarter to, quarter past, half, quarters



During this half term the children will be studying The Power of Reading Book: Zeraffa Giraffa. They will be using the text to learn how to write diary entries, description of a character, using poetic language, retelling stories, and writing a recount of real events.

In Grammar, we will be recapping the use of punctuation including full stops, capital letters, commas and apostrophes for possession.


Vocabulary: the Great Pasha, Egypt, Nile, present tense, past tense, adjectives, expanded noun phases, map, Paris, France


During this half term children will be learning about animals including Humans (Healthy Living). 

Vocabulary: animals and their offspring, exercise, food hygiene, healthy eating,  life cycles, stages of human life, survive

Religious Education


During this half term children will be studying The Good News. They will be learning about Jesus’ life, the miracles, the parables of Jesus and their meaning for people of 21st century.


Vocabulary: Jesus, Bethlehem, parables, miracles

Humanities: Geography


The children will be learning about Northern Europe:


  • Which countries are in Europe
  • Physical and Human features of Norway and Sweden
  • Physical and Human features of Iceland and Estonia
  • The climate of Northern Europe


Vocabulary: country, continent, Scandinavia, weather, climate



The children will be learning to sing “I Wanna Play in a band”.


Vocabulary: tempo, rhythm, pulse, beat

Art and Design


The children will be learning about drawing. They will be using different techniques including using pencils of different thickness, perpendicular and parallel free hand drawing and drawing to create textures


Vocabulary: textures, perpendicular, parallel



During this half term the children will be learning about Education for a connected world, Safer Internet Day, Internet research and developing programming


Vocabulary: programming, research, internet safety

Physical Education


During this half term children will be learning Team Building and Fitness.

Team Building:

Pupils develop their communication and problem-solving skills. They work individually, in pairs and in small groups. Throughout, there is an emphasis on teamwork. They learn to discuss, plan and reflect on ideas and strategies. They lead a partner whilst considering safety. Pupils have the opportunity to show honesty and fair play.



Pupils will take part in a range of fitness activities to develop components of fitness. Pupils will begin to explore and develop agility, balance, co-ordination, speed and stamina. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work independently and with others. Pupils will develop perseverance and show determination to work for longer periods of time.

Vocabulary: agility, balance, stamina, speed

Personal Social Health Education


During this half term children will be learning about the topic Created to Love Others


Vocabulary: relationship, friendship, keeping healthy


Find your child's homework uploaded here each week.

Week Beginning 3/1/23