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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

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We believe at The Rosary that communication is an important part of any relationship, and our relationship with God is no exception. Through communication, both parties in a relationship come to know each other better. We share with the children that God deeply desires our prayers, not for His benefit, but for ours.

In partnership with the Catholic Church, we ensure the development of the whole child within the Catholic Community. We promote self esteem and respect for others. We promote tolerance and care for one another. We have a climate of co-operation and good relationships to ensure that the challenges of learning can be met with confidence. We promote the importance of forgiveness to build better relationships between all people. We exercise fairness and equal opportunity in our relationships and activities. We inspire mutual trust and confidence through honesty. We promote self belief and show consideration and understanding to others.

Children attend School Mass in church on special occasions and you can help your child to experience the wide parish Community by taking them to church for quiet prayer and attending Mass on Sundays.

There are Family Masses in Heston at 9.30am, Osterley at 9.30am and Cranford at 10.30am. Each of these parishes have Children’s Liturgy Groups at these Masses.

Our Parish links:

Our Lady Queen of Apostles

Roman Catholic Church of St Vincent de Paul

Church of Our Lady and St Christopher