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Welcome to Nursery


We believe that children learn best when their natural curiosity and love of exploring is fostered. We are a strong team with a care for each and every child. We strive to ensure that every child unique characteristics and love of learning is built upon enabling us to get the very best from your child. At the centre of that is you, their family. We build close relationships so that we can understand your child and help them and yourselves. As a team we carefully observe and assess each child then plan carefully thought out enabling environments that enable your child to learn and practise skills in the best way for them.


Throughout the year we have a range of fun and exciting first hand experiences to enable your child to explore and develop their learning and understanding of the world. These include; celebrating Diwali and Chinese New year, caring for various plants in our garden and watching caterpillars transform into butterflies.


Our creative teaching and learning philosophy ensures children dynamically explore the whole curriculum, using both the inside and outside environment using all of their senses and the Characteristic of Effective Learning.

​Children are encouraged to experiment and practise knowledge and skills through the Development Matters subjects.

We use self-initiated learning to:

  • embed curriculum skills and knowledge
  • challenge learning
  • encourage collaboration and co-operation
  • develop resilience and self-help skills


Self-initiated learning allows children opportunities to:

  • consolidate learning
  • problem solve
  • collaborate with their peers
  • take risks
  • learn through play
  • make their own decisions

Self-initiated learning areas will always have:

  • carefully chosen fiction and non-fiction books to support the learning
  • a variety of resources so children are making their own decisions about some of their learning
  • where practical “real” resources will be used
  • Clearly defined spaces

Our learning environment – The inside learning environment

  • Small world related to a curriculum subject
  • Role play – allowing for imaginative themes, linked to reading or an interest or curriculum area e.g. history role play, retelling of traditional tales, role play real experiences – e.g. garden shop, museum tour guide
  • Fine Motor area - opportunities to develop fine motor control and skills
  • Maths area – opportunities to explore maths in the children’s own way, consolidating what they have learnt in maths lessons
  • Writing area – opportunities for children to write and draw using a range of resources to help them explore and practice learning in class
  • Creative area – opportunities for children to express themselves through a range of media and materials.

The outside learning environment

  • Role play – allowing for imaginative themes, linked to reading or an interest or curriculum area e.g. retelling of traditional tales, role play real experiences – e.g. garden shop, doctors, Tesco's
  • Physical opportunities - gross motor skills e.g. big art (murals, group pieces), large construction (boxes, bricks, planks, pallets), PE skills (games, assault courses, skills)
  • Reading – a quiet area for children to foster a love of books and reading.
  • Sand area – using a range of resources this area gives children the opportunity to explore sand play
  • Mud Kitchen - an area for children to create recipes, cook and explore using mud
  • Stage – a place where children can use music, dance or drama to express themselves
  • Garden – a quiet place where children can plant and learn about the natural world around them. This area includes; a planting area changed throughout the year.


Please find below information about our Nursery Curriculum and how you can support your child.

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Autumn 2 Knowledge Organiser


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