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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Personal Development

We encourage pupils to place Gospel values at the centre of their interaction with each other. We fulfil our Mission as Christians. We achieve this through charity fundraising throughout the year for local, national and international charities. During Advent in particular, each year group focuses upon a charity and devises ways in which to raise money for that charity. Each November, we remember those who gave their lives in war fighting for freedom and justice. We co-ordinate a whole school remembrance event as well as selling items for the Poppy Appeal.

Celebrating Diversity: As a school situated in the UK (and more particularly in Hounslow) in the 21st century, we know that the celebration of diversity of culture is integral in educating our young people. We ensure that pupils receive a comprehensive education regarding different faiths, for example through story and assembly, through our Other Faiths learning programme, the celebration of Cultural Diversity Day etc. We are committed to fostering a spiritual, thriving community in which each individual feels valued and able to succeed, and in which each person is encouraged and equipped to fulfil their potential. For us, learning from each other and learning from the world around us  - at a local, national and international level - is a significant part of a child’s experience. We visit the local gurdwara, mosque and synagogue. Members of staff who belong to the Hindu and Sikh religions co-ordinate an assembly and activities on Diwali each year.

We have a well developed PSHE programme and a developing RSE curriculum which encourages pupils to have a sense of self belief and to form positive relationships with others.

Standing up for Justice: pupils have devised the school’s Anti Bullying Charter. Each year, pupils are asked to repeat their commitment to the charter. They demonstrate this commitment through wearing the Rosary ABA (Anti Bullying Alliance) badge.  Pupils’ intolerance of bullying can be seen in how they interact with each other in the playground, in lessons and around the school. Adult interaction is also key in modelling for pupils how to behave respectfully and responsibly. Pupils engage in Internet Safety lessons each year to ensure that they know how to behave responsibly when using the internet. They also engage in the PANTS programme which ensures that they know how to protect themselves and their bodies.

Healthy Lifestyles: we ensure that pupils engage in healthy lifestyles by following our extensive RSE curriculum, PSHE curriculum and science curriculum. We also encourage healthy food choices at lunchtimes – we are re-introducing our Healthy Lunch; Healthy Munch reward scheme.