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The Rosary Catholic Primary School


What Do We Want Our Pupils to Achieve?

By learning about the past, pupils gain an insight into the journey of humanity from the earliest times to the present day as well as providing perspectives for the future. As children learn about the diversity of human experience, it enables them to understand more about themselves and their place in Society – how ideas and mindsets shift and how they themselves can be agents of positive change. From this knowledge of past, present and future, our pupils can learn to aspire, to believe and to achieve.

How is History taught?

At The Rosary Catholic Primary School our pupils study through a thematic approach, ensuring that there is an appropriate balance of knowledge, understanding and skills in line with the National Curriculum.

Each year group studies an aspect of British History and also History in a wider global context. (These are outlined in the Curriculum documents for each year group.) In addition, we use our locality to provide a bespoke curriculum that is relevant to our children e.g. Hampton Court Palace, Heston.

Common learning strands have been introduced to provide ‘linked learning’, demonstrating progression and to consolidate ideas. These are: ‘Beliefs and Attitudes’ and the ‘Legacy and Achievement’ of civilisations.

Pupils also study events and issues of national and international significance e.g. Remembrance Day and Black History.


Pupils are given a wide range of experiences such as visiting speakers, offsite learning, ‘time travel’ days, visits, artefact handling etc.

We warmly welcome any parents, grandparents or friends of the school who have experiences, skills or knowledge to share! E.g. making resources, guest speaking ...


Through our teaching of history, we aim to instil curiosity, self motivation, creativity, collaboration, enquiry, appreciation, discernment and empathy as lifelong attributes.

  • Our history themes commence with a hook activity and close with a creative outcome that is developed throughout the theme.
  • Following the hook activity, pupils consider questions they would like answered during the theme. These questions are displayed on the Theme Question Wall and inform teachers’ planning.
  • We endeavour to ensure that history knowledge is consolidated through frequent quick fire questioning and informal quizzes. We aim for pupils to know more and remember more. about their world – its past, its present and its future.
  • We believe that off-site learning is a valuable component of education, further enriching pupils’ experience and exposing them to an enhanced understanding of their world. We therefore ensure that where appropriate, pupils experience history focused off-site educational trips.

Useful History Websites

Year 1: Exciting Explorers

BBC Bitesize - Back in time with... Exciting Explorers 
BBC Bitesize - Who was Christopher Columbus? 

Year 2: Healthy Living

BBC Bitesize - How did the Olympic Games Begin? 

Year 2: The Great Fire of London

BBC Bitesize - Samuel Pepys 

Year 2: Communication

BBC Bitesize - Alexander Graham Bell 

Year 3: Stone Age - Bronze Age - Iron Age

BBC Bitesize - The Stone Age 
BBC Bitesize - Prehistoric 
The School Run - The Stone Age 
BBC Bitesize - The Bronze Age
BBC Bitesize - The Iron Age

Year 3: Sacrifice and Ceremony: The Mayans

BBC Bitesize - Maya Civilisation 
BBC Bitesize - What happened to the Mayas? 

Year 4: The Fascinating Egyptians

BBC Bitesize - Ancient Egypt 

Year 4: The Romans in Britain: Invasion and Impact

BBC Bitesize - Roman Britain 
BBC Bitesize - How did the Romans change Britain? 

Year 5: Life and Legacy: The Ancient Greeks

BBC Bitesize - Ancient Greece 
BBC Bitesize - Who were the ancient Greeks? 

Year 5: Britain’s Invaders

BBC Bitesize - Anglo-Saxons
BBC Bitesize - Picts 
BBC Bitesize - Vikings 

Year 5: Democracy

BBC Bitesize - Democracy in the UK 

Year 6: The Victorians: Society and Innovation

BBC History KS2 - The Victorians 
BBC Bitesize - The Victorians 

Year 6: Remembrance: 1914 – 1918

BBC Bitesize - World War One 
Newsround - Remembrance Day: What is it? 

Year 6: Events That Have Shaped Our World: 1939 - 1970

BBC History KS2 - World War Two 
BBC Bitesize - Social Impact of WWII in Britain 
Newsround - Apollo 11 Moon Landing  
BBC Bitesize - The Civil Rights Movement in America