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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset is a way of thinking. It is the belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind too. It is not based on ability and celebrates making mistakes as being a key part of learning. And it’s not restricted to children. Anyone can have a Growth Mindset!

At The Rosary Catholic Primary School, we believe that independence, self-motivation, resilience and the ability to embrace challenge are important traits of a Growth Mindset.  We believe that these skills will help to develop learners who are prepared for life in the twenty-first century as they are key in improving self esteem and therefore mental health. We want our pupils to have high, challenging but realistic expectations of both themselves and others.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas Edison

Our Growth Mindset Characters

We have developed four characters (designed by the pupils themselves) to remind pupils that no challenge is too great and that the way in which we approach a task can determine our level of success.

Each character holds The Rosary Catholic Primary school badge to show the power of these qualities!

Growth Mindset: Helping your Child

Talk about the people who inspire your child
It is important to celebrate inspirational figures and what they have achieved. We have an Aspiration Board in school which highlights key people each term, people who have achieved their dreams through resilience, hard work and thinking big! These people have overcome their set-backs to achieve all that they dreamed they could. They inspire others. Which qualities do they have which means that they have achieved their dreams? Talk about resilience and overcoming set-backs. Set-backs are a part of life but it is how we handle them that is important.

Encourage your child to think big!
Encourage your child to think big and to have goals. Goals can be immediate e.g. learning times tables, but they should also be long term. Where does your child see themselves in 20 years time? How are they going to get there? What steps can they take on that road to success?

Encourage your child to challenge themselves
Encourage your child to attempt the most challenging tasks in their homework. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? They may make a mistake but they will learn from it. Encourage them to go ‘that little bit further’ in the amount that they write for a project, an essay, a research task....

Encourage your child to be resilient
Every time we come across a new challenge, our brains create new connections to make learning possible. It is a bit like exercising a muscle! Encourage your child not to give up at the first hurdle! Keep going – success is just around the corner!