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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Enhanced Curriculum Offer

The Hidden Curriculum

We are committed to fostering a spiritual, thriving community in which each individual feels valued and able to succeed, and in which each person is encouraged and equipped to fulfil their potential.

For us, learning from each other and learning from the world around us - at a local, national and international level - is a significant part of a child’s experience.

We encourage pupils to place Gospel values at the centre of their interaction with each other.Every Monday, we celebrate a Gospel assembly which focuses upon the stories and parables form the Gospel and the life of Christ. These inspire us to lead lives of compassion, love and care for all.

  • We ensure that pupils develop a clear understanding of other faiths through our ‘Learning About Other Faiths’ curriculum across the school from EYFS to Year 6 (see the our RE Curriculum page) but also through visits to the local gurdwara, mosque and synagogue. Members of staff who belong to the Hindu and Sikh religions co-ordinate an assembly and activities on Diwali each year.
  • We fulfil our Mission as Christians. We achieve this through charity fundraising throughout the year for local, national and international charities. During Advent in particular, each year group focuses upon a charity and devises ways in which to raise money for that charity. Each November, we remember those who gave their lives in war fighting for freedom and justice. We co-ordinate a whole school event as well as selling items for the Poppy Appeal. At every achievement assembly, we remember the Pope’s monthly prayer intention and pray for those in the world in need of prayer.

Standing up for Justice:

Pupils have devised the school’s Anti Bullying Charter. Each year, pupils are asked to repeat their commitment to the charter. They demonstrate this commitment through wearing the Rosary ABA (Anti Bullying Alliance) badge. Pupils’ intolerance of bullying can be seen in how they interact with each other in the playground, in lessons and around the school. Adult interaction is also key in modelling for pupils how to behave respectfully and responsibly. Pupils engage in Internet Safety lessons each year to ensure that they know how to behave responsibly when using the internet. They also engage in the PANTS programme which ensures that they know how to protect themselves and their bodies.

Developing Healthy Lifestyles:

  • We ensure that pupils engage in healthy lifestyles by following our extensive PSHE curriculum and science curriculum but also by:
  • Encouraging healthy food choices at lunchtimes through our Healthy Lunch; Healthy Munch reward scheme
  • Mental health awareness activities across the school but particularly in Year 6 where transition to secondary school and coping with homework pressure are covered in detail.

Developing Public Speaking and Confidence:

  • Pupils at KS2 participate in at least two class assemblies per year. This develops their confidence and their skills in public speaking. Pupils also participate in Masses and all pupils participate in the nativity productions each Christmas. Year 6 perform in the summer production.

Widening pupil experience:

  • Pupils participate in at least three off site trips per year. Being so close to Hounslow and its public transport links, we make full use of the Underground and the buses rather than travelling on coaches when we travel off site. This ensures that pupils learn how to navigate the Underground and London bus system confidently and also how to behave respectfully and considerately on public transport.
  • Pupils also engage in a wide variety of extra curricular activities including judo, football, dance, coding, violin, guitar, the school choir, Girls’ Active etc.

Developing pupil voice:

  • We ensure that pupils understand that their views are important and that voicing opinions can change the world. Pupil views are represented through the school council but also through annual questionnaires. Each class also has a Pupil Concerns box for pupils.

Developing Responsibility: 

Pupils assume responsibilities during their time at the school: the Rosary Apostles lead worship in their classes and at the Gospel assemblies

  • Junior Road Safety Officers
  • Librarians
  • Peer tutors – pupils who teach their peers mathematics
  • School prefects
  • KS2 Playground leaders who co-ordinate and lead games for KS1 pupils
  • the School Council who represent the views of pupils across the school to help bring about change

Developing Aspiration:

We constantly encourage pupils to become people of aspiration and achievement. We encourage this through our central Aspiration Board which features inspiring figures from the past and present. The figures on this board change termly. This board also displays selected pupils from our own community and their aspirations.