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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Intent 

At the Rosary Catholic Primary School, we have developed a broad and balanced curriculum that is built upon the principles of aspiration for all, a firm belief in the teachings of Christ and a desire for all pupils, irrespective of ability or circumstance, to fulfil their God given potential. We aim for our pupils to aspire, to believe and to achieve. We aim to offer a curriculum that celebrates our multi-cultural community and that encourages our pupils to embrace their uniqueness. As a Catholic Christian community, the desire for our pupils to grow as people of compassion, empathy, respect and kindness is at the heart of all that we do.

The interleaving of learning supports children in developing their cognitive skills by revisiting knowledge and skills through different subjects and at different times throughout the year. Our curriculum is customised to meet the local needs of our children.

By the time children leave The Rosary, they will have mastered a range of skills that will support their future development. These are –

  • To have a sense of curiosity and enjoyment
  • To have experience of Cultural Capital in a variety of different forms
  • To be resilient, independent and self-motivated
  • To ask questions and to problem solve
  • To be global citizens of the twenty first century
  • develop into people of compassion, empathy, respect and kindness, possessing a Christ-like response to all life’s situations

Subject leaders have a clear understanding of the implementation, knowledge progression and sequencing of concepts across their subject area. They are an integral part of the curriculum design for their subject area and monitor the impact of this throughout the year. Subject Coordinators liaise with each other to ensure that knowledge learned in one area is transferred and built upon in other subject areas. 

Reading is prioritised across the curriculum offer to support pupils in accessing the full curriculum. Children enjoy reading in class through Class Readers, Guided Reading, English Lessons and also independent reading where reading for pleasure is promoted.

Art and Design

Learning is structured to enable pupils to make links between art and other areas of the curriculum they are studying simultaneously.


Our aim is to instil a sense of curiosity about the past in our pupils. We want them to be excited by the stories, the events and the historical figures that have led us from the earliest times to the twenty first century.


We seek to inspire in our pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people and an understanding of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is integral to our pupils’ creativity; it is a mentally beneficial, positive part of their learning experience.


We believe that music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children. It is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.


We see it as our mission to prepare our children for society and future job roles that are yet to have even been imagined.  Technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in students' lives.

Physical Education

We believe that physical education has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interactions with others.


Our aim is to develop in our pupils a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts through manageable steps, endeavouring to ensure that they become proficient mathematicians who are unafraid to take risks, explore and investigate.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

When our pupils leave us in Year 6, our aim is that they will be individuals of kindness, compassion and independence…people of self-motivation and resilience, who embrace both challenge and growth.

Modern Foreign Languages

The skills, knowledge and understanding gained contribute to the development of children’s speaking skills and literacy and to their understanding of their own culture and those of others.

Religious Education

We believe that each child has been blessed with unique gifts and contributions to make the world we live in. Our Religious Education curriculum is intended to recognise, nurture and develop these gifts, talents and abilities. 


We believe that pupils need to … explore, create and engage in active learning. Our curriculum details the knowledge and skills necessary for scientific enquiry and understanding.


It is our intention to ensure that by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education….We encourage pupils to be independent writers and teach them to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.