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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Implementation

Our mission statement sums up the expectations fostered at our school. We have a belief in teaching for depth and mastery so that in almost all cases and circumstances, a child can be supported to reach age related expectations in reading, writing and maths.

We use the National Curriculum to ensure every teacher teaches the knowledge and understanding appropriate to that age group. The framework has been broken down into objectives to ensure there is clarity for the teaching staff on coverage. We value a knowledge led curriculum where we aim to develop children’s thinking and reasoning.

  • Learn, Recall, Remember sheets (Sticky Knowledge) for all subjects to ensure consistency across all areas of the curriculum;
  • A cycle of lessons for each subject, which carefully plans for progression and depth;
  • Double Page Spreads at the end of each topic to show how learning is embedded throughout a topic
  • Trips and visiting experts who will enhance the learning experience;

We believe in ‘Quality First’ teaching for all children and have a clear set of phases to identify SEN children and a rigorous clear interventions policy which ensures we address any identified gap in learning at the earliest opportunity through robust assessment.

Subject Leaders receive up to date training to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in curriculum design and delivery. They have the knowledge, expertise and practical skills to carry out this role to the best of their ability, closely supported by the Senior Leadership Team. Subject Leaders lead staff meetings to share their expertise in order to develop the confidence of all teachers.

Subject Leaders have developed and mapped their subjects to ensure that skills are built upon year on year and children have opportunities to develop their cognitive memory by revisiting knowledge at different points in the year. We have developed our own Learn, Recall, Remember sheets (Sticky Knowledge) to help pupils to embed factual learning.

Assessment is used daily in the form of Assessment for Learning. This informs the planning for future lessons and identifies where further individual or group support is needed. Target Tracker is used to track pupil progress and attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths. Foundation Subjects are assessed using low risk quizzes and by following ‘The Feedback Policy’.